Thursday, March 6, 2008

Liberty Kids: Intolerable Acts 1


Moses, James, Sarah and Henri hide at poet Phillis Wheatley's house in Boston, where some of His Majesty's soldiers are being quartered. Hearing Phillis Wheatley's story, Sarah is confronted with the horror of slavery for the first time. Later, though Sarah does not agree with her new friends' thoughts about Mother England, she helps them in a time of trouble.
Charles Shaughnessy (King Gerorge III), Walter Cronkite (Dr. Benjamin Franklin), Kathleen Barr (Henri Richard Maurice Dutoit LeFebrve), Reo Jones (Sarah Philips), D. Kevin Williams (Moses)

Phillis Wheatley: They say it's because of the Tea Party. I heard Lt. Brampton tell Master Wheatley, if Boston's going to cause trouble, Boston's going to pay the piper.
Sarah: That only makes sense...
James: Whose side are you on?
Sarah: I didn't know there were sides. We're all the King's subjects.
James: Maybe you're a subject, but I'm a citizen. I have rights! (edit)
British Soldier: 'Tis you who could use the soap and water... In that smart mouth of yours!
James: You're absolutely right. You'll have to forgive my manners, I'm an orphan. I was raised on the streets and sometimes forget my place. (edit)
Wedderburn: You have no honor, sir! You are a scoundrel, sir! Have you nothing to say for yourself?
Benjamin Franklin: The heart of a fool is in his mouth, but the mouth of a wise man is in his heart.
Wedderburn: Ahhhh! The famous Franklin wit! Perhaps I need to remind you, a rope is the proper reward for treason? (edit)
James: How many are there now?
Henri: Too many! There mustn't be a soldier left in England!
James: How many do you see, Henri?
Henri: Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq...
James: English, Henri, not French!
Henri: I'm counting the English! (edit)

HISTORICAL CONTENT: The British Parliament passes the “Intolerable Acts,” including allowing British soldiers to take over a colonists home without their permission. In England, Ben Franklin faces charges of treason and gives one of the greatest speeches ever!


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