Monday, March 3, 2008

USKids History: Book of The American Revolution

from 10/10/05 from pseudo-intellectualism

From Amazon: "Combining brief fictionalized accounts of historical events with factual information, profiles of notable women and men, and related projects, these titles adopt a playful approach to teaching American history. Revolution describes life in the 13 colonies and the road to independence, including the Boston Tea Party, the winter at Valley Forge and the Battle of Yorktown. The hands-on sections include a play about the Boston Massacre, a game in which players take on the roles of a customs officer and a smuggler, and a recipe for "Old Glory Ice Cream." Biographies of Phillis Wheatley and Thomas Paine, as well as sections on pirates, secret codes and an early submarine, round out an already comprehensive volume. Less focused, American Indians explores the legends, traditions and customs of the many tribes that made their homes in what is now the United States. Various spreads are devoted to coming-of-age ceremonies, Hopi architecture, the whale hunts of the Makah and other topics. Activity ideas range from weaving baskets to making spirit figures and playing traditional games. The snappy, fast-paced lessons are short enough to whet the appetite without being overwhelming." To complement the work being done with the Liberty Kids' software and to supplement Mr. Louie's very bright class as well as to help prepare for the 5th grade DBQ's I am using a digitized version of this book. Here are two response activities that accompany the first story on "lobsterbacks." Here's one that utilizes the thesaurus feature of word and its hypertext linking possibilities. and following, Here's one that utilizes PhotoShop Elements drawing tools to highlight a passage.Oh, BTW here's a pdf with several of the book's stories


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