Saturday, March 8, 2008

Showing The Way With Slide Shows

from 8/28/06 from pseudo-intellectualism

I got started using slide shows as a way to introduce content in a condensed and appetizing ("forsphayze") and kid friendly way. It can also be an inspirationt for kids to do further research. Another way it could be used is as content matched with an all important assessment piece. This can be done by using the various interactive test making tools available
now online. Hot Potatoes is a free tool with lots of possibilities (from half-baked software), except I haven't quite figured out how to use it. What is easy and also free are the quiz making tools at Here I took a slide show about the American Revolution that I cribbed from kidsdiscover material and matched it to a multiple choice test. I constructed the test first. This test encompasses material from the first from the first 6 0r 7 slides as a word document template so I could copy and paste it into the online forms.
Postscript: I've noticed the test isn't numbered properly in Safari, but it is in Explorer


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